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Best Wine Tasting Experiences in Portland, Oregon

Updated: Jun 23

C'EST WHAT? Wine and Sensory, Portland Oregon
C'EST WHAT? Wine Tasting and Sensory Portland, OR

If you're searching for the best wine tasting experiences near you in Portland, Oregon, look no further. Portland is home to an array of exceptional wine bars and tasting rooms that offer wines from around the world, expertly served by knowledgeable professionals. While visiting wine country for scenic vineyard views is delightful, staying close to home allows you to enjoy a broader selection of wines with minimal travel and you may learn from a professional Sommelier in Portland, Oregon

Here are some of Michael Perman's top recommendations for wonderful wine tasting experiences in Portland.

Cru and Domaine

Cru and Domaine

Located in the heart of Portland, Cru and Domaine is a must-visit for any wine enthusiast. Curators David and Marissa are CMS Advanced Sommeliers, offering an impressive selection of high-end specialty wines, including value prices wines in the $20's and exquisite wines as well in a range a prices. They also feature a variety of Champagne producers to suit any palate. Their Tuesday tasting events are particularly noteworthy, allowing customers to blind taste three reds and three whites using the Court of Master Sommeliers tasting grid—a perfect opportunity for those preparing for advanced wine certifications. Themed events focused on specific wine regions are also a highlight, making Cru and Domaine a fantastic place to deepen your wine knowledge and meet fellow wine lovers.


Flor Wines
Flor Wines Recommended by C'EST WHAT? Wine and Sensory

Flor, located in the Pearl District, is named after the yeast layer important in sherry wine production, with "flor" meaning "flower" in Spanish and Portuguese. This wine shop offers a diverse selection of wines from around the globe at various price points. Their Spanish wines are a personal favorite, and they also boast a well-curated selection of Oregon wines. Summer events at Flor feature wines from Portugal, Germany, and Tuscany, making it a vibrant spot for wine exploration.

Backcountry Wine Tasting Room

Backcountry Wines
Backcountry Wines recommended by C'EST WHAT? Wine and Sensory

Backcountry Wine Tasting Room in SE Portland is a community space dedicated to showcasing fine wines from the Pacific Northwest. Their selection emphasizes innovative and creative winemaking. During my last visit, I enjoyed a Grenache Blanc and Viognier blend and a Washington Merlot reminiscent of a robust California Cabernet. The atmosphere is lively, with a DJ and a friendly French Bulldog to keep you company as you sip.

Division Wines

Division Wines recommended by C'EST WHAT Wine and Sensory

Division Wines is always bustling with energy. Whether you opt for a blind tasting or sample their featured selections, you're in for a treat. Accompany your wine with a beautifully crafted charcuterie board or other delectable snacks, featuring locally and internationally sourced meats, cheeses, breads, and vegetables. Their menu changes with the seasons, ensuring fresh pairings for their diverse wine offerings. The origin story of Division Wines, evolving from a bottle shop to a lively wine bar, adds to its charm. It's a fantastic place to relax and enjoy a vibrant wine-tasting experience.

Frank Wine Bar

Located in the South Waterfront area, Frank Wine Bar: offers a cozy retreat with indoor and outdoor seating. Their extensive food menu pairs perfectly with a curated wine collection featuring selections from Spain, France, Italy, and the Pacific Northwest. The bar is dog-friendly, making it a welcoming spot for both pets and their owners. The beautiful river walk and nearby parks add to the charm of this oasis in the city.

C’EST WHAT? Wine and Sensory

chael Perman. C'EST WHAT? Wine and Sensory
Michael Perman. C'EST WHAT? Wine and Sensory

C’EST WHAT? Wine and Sensory offers custom-curated wine tasting events in various locations, including private homes, apartment buildings, business venues, and retail stores. Sommelier Michael Perman leads these bespoke events, featuring five wines from regions like Spain, France, or Argentina. Each event includes a sensory experience, allowing guests to explore the aromas and flavors of the wines. Michael's events are fun, educational, and perfect for gatherings with friends, family, or colleagues.

Explore these top wine tasting spots in Portland, Oregon, for an unforgettable experience. Whether you're a wine novice or an aficionado, these venues offer something special for everyone. For even more ideas, check out this article from the Oregon Wine Board:

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