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Wine and Sensory experiences featuring
Sommelier Michael Perman in Portland, Oregon

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Sommelier Michael Perman

Sommelier Michael Perman creates sensational wine-tasting experiences in private homes, community residences, and business settings.

Michael has unique expertise in curating wine experiences that are memorable and considerably more convenient than traveling to wine country. Michael's wine selections are 
not easy to find elsewhere.


Michael also curates wines for destination events. Michael will pair wines with your menu and design themes, then arrange FREE delivery to your venue anywhere in the USA. 

C'EST WHAT?TM offers unique wine-tasting and sensory experiences that leave a lasting impression. Michael Perman's expertise as a sommelier ensures an unforgettable journey through the world of wine and flavors.
Wine Tasting Events and Wedding Sommelier | Portland | C'EST WHAT?


Wine Journeys

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