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Loving Wines for Wonderful Weddings

Updated: May 6

Lovebirds, are you ready to embark on the most joyous journey of your lives? Let's sprinkle some extra magic on your special day with wines that sing melodies of joy and dance on your taste buds like confetti. Picture this: wines, like true soulmates, have embraced their terroir through thick and thin, just like you and your beloved. So, let's toast to exceptional wines that will elevate your wedding to unforgettable heights!

Pair Wines Your Style and Food First things first, let's dial in on your wedding style and culinary cravings. Whether you're vibing with boho chic, beachside bliss, or street food fiesta, there's a wine waiting to rock your world. Knowing your menu and wedding style is essential in deciding which wines to feature.

Once you determine the mood and food you want to exude, your wedding planner or Sommelier can curate the right wines and have them shipped directly to your venue. In Portland, Oregon, some great options for wedding planners include Luxe NWKeen Events, and Bridal Bliss. Also, check out The Knot for innovative ways to create your best day.

For example, if your wedding feels like a fun and casual BBQ with a lot of outdoor action, you want a more casual wine. Argentine Mendoza Malbec’s are fantastic for a BBQ because they are juicy and have moderate tannins. Plus, Argentine wines are usually of great value. 

The Black Cabra Malbec Mendoza is fantastic. It has a dense ruby core with a hint of purple. The aromas contain violets, bramble, lilacs, bright red cherry, plum, vanilla, and tobacco notes. The mouthfeel is juicy, with graceful tannins and a long finish, around $25 a bottle. For white wines at a BBQ, try another Argentine wine called Zuccardi Torrontes, which is floral and acidic and has tropical fruit notes. So fun!

Now, let's talk about those dreamy spring and summer weddings filled with blooms, pastels, and love in the air. For you, my lovelies, we have the pièce de résistance: Champagne! But not just any Champagne, oh no! We're talking about the Alfred Tritant Mes Racines Grand Cru. —a bubbly sensation that won't break the bank.

Champagne, such as Grand Cru, is the highest level of Champagne you can get, but many Champagne’s are priced well over $150. This gem of fine bubbles is under $70 a bottle. You will enjoy evocative aromas of fresh brioche, yellow apples, Asian pear, yellow flowers, and a hint of chalk. The palate shows a satisfying breadth, with the supple edges balanced by refreshing acidity. Flavors of Honey crisp apple, blanched almonds, and fresh pastry are deliciously concentrated and bound together seamlessly. This is a full-bodied, more decadent style of Champagne with a beautifully long finish, just like your love for each other.

Are you feeling Wild, exotic, and free? Your wedding features brighter images, crazier dancing, breaking plates, and zesty Mediterranean foods. If so, then pair your foods with Mediterranean wines. The 2018 Livio Sassetti Pertimali Brunello di Montalcino is a crazy rich Sangiovese. A dark ruby center that moves to a paler ruby-crimson hue at the rim. The nose is dark and ripe, with an array of savory tones. Dried black cherry, crushed black raspberry, and redcurrant make their way into notes of wild licorice, dried wildflowers, cigar tobacco, and incense. The palate is immense yet beautifully contained, with detailed and integrated tannins. Stunning for less than $100.

Pairing a white wine with flavorful Mediterranean foods can be fun, so look for a zesty match. You will love the refreshing Inazio Urruzola Blanco Getariako Txakolina (chah-ko-leen-uh). This wine has luminous brightness in the glass. Aromas are led by a realm of citrus zest and sour peach, along with a hint of herb and spice. The mouthfeel is electric with salty notes, lime and lemon peel, white flowers, an undeniable limestone-rich texture, and a long-lasting finish with excellent acidity. It’s dance-worthy!

How much wine should I order for my wedding event? The amount of wine people consume is influenced by time of day and location. Night weddings lead to more dancing and drinking. Location venues such as hotels where people don’t need to drive might inspire more wine consumption. And, the more food you have, the more wine people will likely drink.

Weddings often have three main events: 1) the rehearsal dinner, 2) the main wedding reception (and sometimes a cocktail reception before the wedding), and 3) the morning after brunch. For most meals, plan on an average of two 6-ounce servings per person. If you expect 100 people in the main event, you would need around 48 bottles. Spilt evenly between red and white. Ordering more and having leftovers is better than running out of wine at your big event. To help round out the math, you can plan on the same wines for the rehearsal dinner and the main reception.

Wedding plans include getting the right wines
Need wine for you wedding?

For expert guidance on all things wine-related, look no further than Michael Perman Wine and Sensory a wine-tasting-sommelier email him at For details on Wedding Wines, visit:

Michael is your go-to guy if you need help choosing the perfect bottle or want to chat about your favorite varietals. So, let's raise a glass to love, laughter, and happily ever after! Cheers! His wines are also available on Michael's Page on Wine Access.

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